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For Attorneys

Filing Documents

All cases and documents filed in this court by attorneys are required to be filed through CM/ECF in accordance with Local Civil Rule 5.1.2, unless otherwise excepted under the Local Rules or pursuant to Standing Orders of the Court.
The Guide for Opening a Civil Case and Filing a Civil Complaint provides detailed instructions for attorneys for how to file a new civil case electronically.
With a select few exceptions, attorneys are required to file all other documents through CM/ECF, pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Guidance on filing through CM/ECF can be found here.


Byrne Building Attorney Wi-Fi

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has launched a public wireless network specifically designed to provide attorneys with a secure and convenient means to access essential information and resources while in the James A. Byrne U.S. Courthouse. A guide for account registration can be found here.


Certificate of Good Standing

To obtain a Certificate of Good Standing, requests can be made electronically using the court's electronic filing system. Instructions can be found here.
To make a request, attorney's must enter their Bar ID and Date of Admission. If this is not known, please use our Bar Attorney Status Lookup tool to find the information.


Attorney Admission

In order to request admission to practice, you must be a member of the bar in good standing and familiar with the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's Local Civil Rule 83.5.
All applications are now submitted through PACER, so you must have an upgraded individual PACER account in order to apply.
     If you do not already have an individual PACER account, click here.
     If you need to upgrade your current PACER account, click here.
Once you have an upgraded individual PACER account, follow these instructions to complete your Attorney Admission application. After acceptance, you will receive information about how to pay your $224 admission fee. When the fee is processed, your e-filing privileges will be activated.


Pro Hac Vice Admission

An attorney who is admitted to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania may file a motion for an out of state attorney to appear pro hac vice. The pro hac vice admission fee is $75.00 and is payable by credit card when using CM/ECF to file the application.
The Application for Pro Hac Vice Admission is available here. Please note that some judges may have additional or different requirements for attorneys seeking admission pro hac vice. Information regarding judges’ individual policies and procedures is available here.


Third Circuit Model Jury Instructions


Volunteer Attorney Panel Information

If you are interested in joining the Volunteer Attorney Panels or seek additional information about the panels, please contact the Panel Administrator:
Gail Olson ((267) 299-7060), Amanda Frazier ((267) 299-7571), E-mail