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Arbitration Trials

Arbitration trials may be held at the courthouse, or by videoconference if all parties consent to proceed by videoconference. Parties are required to review the contents of this webpage and abide by all procedures outlined in the documents below, in addition to the local rules of the court.

Standing Procedural Orders and Guidelines

06/21/2023 Standing Procedural Order for Arbitration Trials Conducted by Videoconference
10/14/2020 Guidelines for Participating in Arbitration Trials by Videoconference
10/14/2020 Technical Guidelines for Using Microsoft Teams


06/21/2023 Consent or Declination of Consent to Proceed by Videoconference
09/07/2022 Consent to Proceed Before a Single Arbitrator
07/31/2023 Arbitration Award
07/31/2023 Notice Re: Arbitration Video Conference


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