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Obtaining Records

The docket sheets and record files for recent cases may be viewed through CM/ECF or PACER from any location. Public terminals for using CM/ECF are located in the Clerk’s Office, Room 2609, in Philadelphia or in Suite 1601 of the divisional office in Allentown. Copies of records can be obtained for a fee.

Records can also be ordered through the Clerk’s Office or directly from the Federal Records Center (FRC) or the National Archives. Per page pricing will vary depending on whether you wish to obtain hard copies or electronic copies of the records. Box fees for hard copies and additional fees for certified copies will apply. The Clerk’s Office will provide you with the accession number and box number if you are ordering records from the Federal Records Center or the National Archives. Alternatively, a blank form for that purpose can be obtained here, and you will need the box number and accession number to complete the form. Please note that the FRC does not provide on-site court case review services to the public.

Email a records request or questions about the records request process to the Clerk’s Office at

How to Find a Case Number
Cases are indexed using PACER and can be viewed remotely or through the public access terminals found at the Courthouse. (Information regarding PACER can be accessed here). Printed explanations on the procedure to locate a case number are found at the public terminals.

Effective May 27, 2003, dockets for all civil cases filed since July 1, 1990 and dockets for all criminal cases filed since July 1, 1992 will be available for viewing and printing from the CM/ECF system. For civil cases filed prior to 1990 and criminal cases filed prior to July 1992, case searching must be done via microfiche. For questions regarding this type of search, please email Fees may apply.