Welcome to the official website for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. We have offices in Philadelphia, Allentown, Reading and Easton.


Beginning on Thursday, February 2, 2017,
counsel using CM/ECF will have the option to use a credit card to pay filing fees for:

Civil or Criminal Application for Admission Pro Hac Vice

Civil Notice of Appeal, Notice of Cross Appeal, Notice of Interlocutory Appeal

Criminal Notice of Interlocutory Appeal, Notice of Appeal – Final Judgment, Appeal of
Magistrate Judge Decision to District Court




A number of U.S. district courts have reported that citizens in their districts are being targeted by a juror phishing e-mail that requests recipients to provide personal identifiers (social security number, date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc.) on an attached PDF form and e-mail the form back to the originator. Federal courts do not require citizens to provide sensitive information using e-mail. Most contact between a Federal court and a prospective juror will be through the U.S. mail. Communications from real court officials will not include requests for social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information. Please do not respond to these illicit e-mails. If you receive such an e-mail, please notify the Jury Administrator about the incident at 1-267-299-7299. In addition, report the incident to the Department of Consumer Protection at 1-800-422-7128. For more information please go to the www.uscourts.gov website.

Court Locations

James A. Byrne U.S. Courthouse
601 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Robert N.C. Nix Federal Building
900 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Edward N. Cahn U.S. Courthouse & Federal Bldg.
504 W. Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

The Madison Building
400 Washington Street
Reading, PA 19601

Holmes Building, 4th Floor
101 Larry Holmes Drive
Easton, PA 18042-7722

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