MDL 2724 In Re: Generic Pharmaceuticals Pricing Antitrust Litigation

The Honorable Cynthia M. Rufe, Presiding

Pretrial Orders
Hearing Transcripts and Audio Files


MDL 2724, In re Generic Pharmaceuticals Antitrust Pricing Litigation, encompasses potential class action lawsuits in which: (a) plaintiffs assert claims for price fixing of generic drugs in violation of the Sherman Act and/or state antitrust laws on behalf of overlapping putative nationwide classes of direct or indirect purchasers of generic pharmaceuticals; (b) the average market price of the subject generic pharmaceutical is alleged to have increased between 2012 and the present; (c) defendants are alleged to have effectuated the alleged conspiracy through direct company-to-company contacts and through joint activities undertaken through trade associations, in particular meetings of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association; and (d) the allegations stem from the same government investigation into anticompetitive conduct in the generic pharmaceuticals industry. Currently, there are claims concerning 18 drugs against a number of pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation recently expanded the scope of the MDL to include claims brought by 40 States, proceeding through their Attorneys General.

Pretrial Orders

Order Order Title or Topic Issued  
Pretrial Order No. 1 Setting initial conference, inviting applications for liaison counsel and steering committees, establishing initial filing procedures 08/15/2016
Pretrial Order No. 2 Appointing Roberta Liebenberg, Esquire (on behalf of the End-Payer Plaintiffs) and Dianne Nast, Esquire (on behalf of the Direct-Purchaser Plaintiffs) as Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel 09/08/2016
Pretrial Order No. 3 Appointing Jan Levine, Esquire as Defendants’ Liaison Counsel 09/08/2016
Pretrial Order No. 4 Setting Status Conference 10/19/2016
Pretrial Order No. 5 Initial Scheduling, Discovery Protocols, and Acceptance of Servicel 11/16/2016
Pretrial Order No. 6 Appointing Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) 11/28/2016
Pretrial Order No. 7 Protective Order 01/26/2017
Pretrial Order No. 8 Time and Expense Guidelines and Reports 02/21/2017
Pretrial Order No. 9 Changes to the PSC (Amending PTO 6) 03/20/2017
Pretrial Order No. 10 Duties and Authority of Plaintiffs’ Co-Lead Counsel 03/24/2017
Pretrial Order No. 11 Briefing on the Motions to Dismiss 03/28/2017
Pretrial Order No. 12 Procedure for Cases Newly-Filed into MDL 04/10/2017
Pretrial Order No. 13 Submission of Proposals Regarding Structure of Expanded MDL 04/10/2017
Pretrial Order No. 14 Setting Status Conference 04/10/2017
Pretrial Order No. 15 Briefing on the Motions to Dismiss 04/10/2017
Pretrial Order No. 16 ECF Registration and Notice to Counsel 05/03/2017
Pretrial Order No. 17 Submission of Applications for PSC and Defense Liaison Counsel 05/04/2017
Pretrial Order No. 18 Vacating PTO 15; Dismissing Motions to Dismiss 05/04/2017
Pretrial Order No. 19 Deadlines for Responsive Pleadings 05/09/2017
Pretrial Order No. 20 Comment Period for Draft Electronic Case Management Order 05/19/2017
Pretrial Order No. 21 Establishing PSCs and Appointing Counsel (Superseding PTOs 6 and 9) 05/19/2017
Pretrial Order No. 22 Appointing Defense Liaison Counsel (Superseding PTO 3) 05/19/2017
Pretrial Order No. 23 Scheduling: Filing of Amended Proposed Class Action Complaints by August 15, 2017; Stay of Discovery until September 15, 2017 05/22/2017
Pretrial Order No. 24 First Electronic Case Management Protocol Order 05/26/2017
Pretrial Order No. 25 Amending Paragraph 13 of PTO 24 06/01/2017
Pretrial Order No. 26 Interim Protective Order Concerning Protected Information for Use in Consolidated Amended Complaints 06/28/2017
Pretrial Order No. 27 Time and Expense Guidelines and Reports (Supplementing PTO 8) 07/10/2017
Pretrial Order No. 28 Briefing on Motions to Dismiss; First Motions Due October 6, 2017 07/13/2017
Pretrial Order No. 29 Interim Protective Order Concerning ECRM Protected Information for Use in Consolidated Amended Complaints 07/31/2017
Pretrial Order No. 30 Setting Status Conference 08/03/2017
Pretrial Order No. 31 Service of Process: Approval of Stipulation; Proposal to Resolve Disputes 08/07/2017
Pretrial Order No. 32 Extending Stay of Discovery 08/28/2017
Pretrial Order No. 33 Second Electronic Case Management Protocol Order 08/29/2017
Pretrial Order No. 34 Agreement as to Service of Process 08/30/2017
Pretrial Order No. 35 Briefing on Motions to Dismiss in Case Management Groups 2 and 3 09/12/2017
Pretrial Order No. 36 Appointing Liaison Counsel for State Attorneys General Plaintiffs 09/26/2017
Pretrial Order No. 37 Duties and Authority of Lead Counsel (Superseding PTO 10) 09/28/2017
Pretrial Order No. 38 Briefing on Defendants’ Motion to Stay Discovery (Amending PTO 32) 10/16/2017
Pretrial Order No. 39 Briefing on Plaintiff States’ Motion to File a Consolidated Amended Complaint and Motion for a Separate Government Track 11/14/2017
Pretrial Order No. 40 Filing Documents Under Seal for Briefing of Motions to Dismiss in the Private Actions 11/29/2017
Pretrial Order No. 41 Modifying Page Limits for End-Payer Plaintiffs 12/04/2017
Pretrial Order No. 42 Change to the End-Payer Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee 01/25/2018
Pretrial Order No. 43 Setting General Status Conference for February 21, 2018 02/01/2018
Pretrial Order No. 44 Allowing Targeted Discovery to Proceed 02/09/2018
Pretrial Order No. 45 Protective Order 02/13/2018
Pretrial Order No. 46 Staying Briefing on Motions to Dismiss in Case Management Groups 2 and 3 (Amending PTO 35) -
Pretrial Order No. 47 Allowing Additional Targeted Discovery to Proceed 04/19/2018
Pretrial Order No. 48 Third Electronic Case Management Protocol Order 06/05/2018

Hearing Transcripts and Audio Files

Hearing No. Title or Topic Date Held Docket Entry No. Date Entered  
1 Transcript for First Hearing 09/08/2016 63 10/03/2016 PACER
1 Audio File(s) for First Hearing 09/08/2016 428 08/28/2017 PACER
2 Transcript for Second Hearing 11/16/2016 86 12/05/2016 PACER
2 Audio File(s) for Second Hearing 11/16/2016 429 08/28/2017 PACER
3 Transcript for Third Hearing 05/04/2017 338 05/18/2017 PACER
3 Audio File(s) for Third Hearing 05/04/2017 430 08/28/2017 PACER


Co-Lead Class Plaintiffs’ Counsel and Liaison Counsel: Dianne M. Nast, Esq.

NastLaw LLC
1101 Market Street
Suite 2801
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: (215) 923-9300
Co-Lead Class Plaintiffs’ Counsel and Liaison Counsel: Roberta Liebenberg, Esq.

Fine, Kaplan, and Black R.P.C.
One South Broad Street
23rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Telephone: (215) 567-6565
State Attorneys General Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel: W. Joseph Nielsen, Esq.

Connecticut Attorney General’s Office
55 Elm St
Hartford, CT 06106
Telephone: (860) 808-5396
Lead Defense Liaison Counsel: Jan P. Levine, Esq.

Pepper Hamilton LLP
3000 Two Logan Square
Eighteenth & Arch Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2799
Telephone: (215) 981-4000