Perez v. Koresko

Date Document Title or Topic  
10/24/2017 Declaration to be completed for Liquidation of Insurance Policy(ies)
10/20/2017 Declaration to be completed for Cash Distribution
10/20/2017 Declaration to Retitle Insurance Policy (one needed for each policy to be retitled)
08/30/2017 Order adopting Report and Recommendation on Distribution Methodology Phase 2 (ECF 1569)
08/11/2017 Report and Recommendation on Plan Accountings (ECF 1558)
06/16/2017 Order re: Policy Illustration Requests
06/16/2017 Explanation of Account Statements to Plan Sponsors sent by Marcum on 06/12/2017
06/16/2017 Plan Sponsor Distribution Election Request and Declaration Form to be returned by 06/26/2017
06/09/2017 Notice re: Plan Specific Accountings (ECF 1515)
04/19/2017 Order amending Distribution Timeline (ECF 1494)
03/16/2017 Order adopting Report and Recommendation on Distribution Methodology (ECF 1471)
03/16/2017 Amended Report and Recommendation on Distribution Methodology (ECF 1471-1)
02/17/2017 Report and Recommendation on Distribution Methodology (ECF 1455)
12/02/2016 Notice of Hearing on Distribution Methodology
10/17/2016 Notice and Plan List sent to Plan Sponsors
10/17/2016 Marcum Description of the Unified Model
09/12/2016 Order on Distribution Timeline & Initial Notice to Plans by Judge Hey (ECF 1395)
08/22/2016 DOL Motion for Equitable Distribution (ECF 1384)
03/05/2016 Third Circuit Opinion affirming Judge McLaughlin's February 6, 2015 decision.
08/04/2015 Order appointing Wilmington Trust as trustee by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1242)
07/21/2015 Order appointing Smart Devine (now Marcum) as the forensic accountant by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1240)
04/23/2015 Order appointing Wagner Law Group as administrator by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1176)
04/10/2015 Order authorizing retention of forensic accountant, trustee, and administrator by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1162)
03/13/2015 Judgment and Order finding Koresko Defendants liable for $38,417,109.63 in restitution to the Trusts by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1149)
02/06/2015 Opinion finding Koresko Defendants violated ERISA, detailing fiduciary breaches and permanently removing Koresko Defendants as fiduciaries by Judge McLaughlin (ECF 1134)