Central Violations Bureau (CVB) Hearings

In the district courts, the CVB provides a case management system for petty offenses (and some misdemeanors) which originate with the filing of a violation notice sent by the issuing government agency directly to the CVB. If collateral is forfeited to the CVB within the specified time, the date and amount is entered and the case is closed. In cases which are not disposed of through forfeiture of collateral, the CVB schedules a hearing before a Magistrate Judge, notifies the defendant, and records the Magistrate Judge’s disposition of the case.

Upcoming 2022 CVB Hearings Schedule:
     Philadelphia Hearings - 10:30 AM
        December 14
     Coatesville V.A. Hospital Hearings - 9:30 AM
        December 15

Upcoming 2023 CVB Hearings Schedule:
     Philadelphia Hearings - 10:00 AM
        January 25
        February 22
        March 22
        April 19
        May 24
        June 21
        July 26
        August 16
        September 13
        October 18
        November 15
        December 13
     Valley Forge Park Hearings - 9:30 AM
        January 26
        March 23
        May 25
        July 27
        September 14
        November 16
     Coatesville V.A. Hospital Hearings - 9:30 AM
        February 23
        April 20
        June 22
        August 17
        October 19
        December 14

For additional information regarding CVB Hearings, please contact:

CVB Supervisor

Kristin Makely (267) 299-7124 kristin_r_makely@paed.uscourts.gov


CVB Clerk

Regina Zarnowski (267) 299-7811 regina_zarnowski@paed.uscourts.gov