Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
2012 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
2012cr001U.S.A. v. Winsett04/30/2014
2012cr003U.S.A. v. Franz10/18/2012
2012cr005In Re: Randolph01/19/2012
2012cr017U.S.A. v. Thompson12/20/2012
2012cr023U.S.A. v. Morgan11/13/2012
2012cr023U.S.A. v. Morgan08/22/2014
2012cr033U.S.A. v. Claude01/15/2013
2012cr033U.S.A. v. Claude01/29/2013
2012cr106U.S.A. v. James09/10/2013
2012cr150U.S.A. v. Epps12/10/2012
2012cr186U.S.A. v. Flores11/13/2014
2012cr188U.S.A. v. Davis02/27/2013
2012cr190U.S.A. v. McManus09/03/2014
2012cr190U.S.A. v. McManus10/06/2014
2012cr228U.S.A. v. Horton07/25/2013
2012cr236U.S.A. v. McGee09/13/2012
2012cr236U.S.A. v. McGee07/24/2013
2012cr239U.S.A. v. McAleese07/11/2013
2012cr239U.S.A. v. McAleese09/30/2013
2012cr260U.S.A. vs. Devlin-Bell01/17/2013
2012cr295U.S.A. v. Scruggs06/05/2013
2012cr296Castro-Rondon v. U.S.A.11/12/2014
2012cr314U.S.A. v. Jones08/18/2014
2012cr327U.S.A. v. Hlushmanuk11/06/2014
2012cr338U.S.A. v. Mastronardo05/29/2014
2012cr345U.S.A. v. King12/19/2014
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Knight07/03/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Slade07/03/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Brown07/09/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Slade08/23/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Chalker08/27/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Chalker08/28/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Brown10/04/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Slade11/01/2013
2012cr367U.S.A. v. Brown07/31/2014
2012cr379U.S.A. v. Mallory03/12/2013
2012cr388U.S.A. v. Mastronardo12/13/2013
2012cr388U.S.A. v. Mastronardo12/13/2013
2012cr388U.S.A. v. Mastronardo12/13/2013
2012cr393U.S.A. v. McDaniels06/11/2014
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Flying Tigers01/29/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Gunter03/13/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Gunter03/15/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Flying Tigers03/27/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Flying Tigers06/04/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Gunter11/05/2013
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Stout10/14/2014
2012cr394U.S.A. v. Stout01/06/2015
2012cr417U.S.A. v. Watson04/02/2013
2012cr418U.S.A. v. Thompson12/04/2014
2012cr452U.S.A. v. Serrano07/09/2013
2012cr468U.S.A. v. Torres12/20/2012
2012cr474U.S.A. v. Rivera02/28/2013
2012cr484U.S.A. v. Crawford07/09/2013
2012cr488U.S.A. v. Sawyer03/13/2013
2012cr502U.S.A. v. Moon02/06/2014
2012cr566U.S.A. v. Santiago01/04/2013
2012cr566U.S.A. v. Santiago04/18/2013
2012cr623U.S.A. v. MacInnes05/30/2014
2012cr634U.S.A. v. Centeno06/19/2013
2012cr634U.S.A. v. Centeno01/09/2014
2012cr671U.S.A. v. Hidalgo-Perez01/17/2013
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