Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
2011 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
0000cr000U.S.A. v. Roe12/22/2011
2011cr001U.S.A. v. Devine09/30/2011
2011cr001U.S.A. v. Devine05/05/2013
2011cr013U.S.A. v. Elonis10/20/2011
2011cr015U.S.A. v. Konrad04/29/2011
2011cr015U.S.A. v. Konrad12/21/2011
2011cr052U.S.A. v. Kubacki08/17/2011
2011cr074U.S.A. v. Bazzle03/23/2012
2011cr076U.S.A. v. Singleton02/22/2012
2011cr076U.S.A. v. Singleton06/25/2013
2011cr076U.S.A. v. Pasley10/23/2013
2011cr078U.S.A. v. Sivchuk06/13/2012
2011cr083U.S.A. v. Hellinger09/19/2012
2011cr083U.S.A. v. Quigley03/06/2014
2011cr086U.S.A. v. Tripp03/20/2012
2011cr090U.S.A. v. Claude06/19/2014
2011cr100U.S.A. v. Waters07/14/2011
2011cr100U.S.A. v. Waters07/31/2013
2011cr111U.S.A. v. Lowe01/09/2014
2011cr120U.S.A. v. Merced-Calderon06/20/2011
2011cr130U.S.A. v. Thornton05/10/2012
2011cr143U.S.A. v. Morales-Ortiz09/14/2011
2011cr160U.S.A. v. Glick01/04/2012
2011cr163U.S.A. v. Burton08/07/2014
2011cr204U.S.A. v. Goode12/19/2011
2011cr204U.S.A. v. Goode10/17/2012
2011cr212U.S.A. v. Winther05/18/2011
2011cr212U.S.A. v. Winther11/18/2011
2011cr223U.S.A. v. Williams11/19/2012
2011cr223U.S.A. v. Williams11/21/2012
2011cr226U.S.A. v. Katzin05/09/2012
2011cr227U.S.A. v. Blackshear10/28/2011
2011cr227U.S.A. v. Davis11/07/2011
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Rodriguez05/19/2011
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Ortiz07/20/2012
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Ortiz01/08/2013
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Ortiz01/23/2013
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Ortiz04/26/2013
2011cr251U.S.A. v. Ortiz04/26/2013
2011cr256U.S.A. v. Perez08/05/2011
2011cr261U.S.A. v. Jones09/08/2011
2011cr261U.S.A. v. Jones10/17/2011
2011cr261U.S.A. v. Jones02/07/2012
2011cr274U.S.A. v. Burnett08/01/2012
2011cr274U.S.A. v. Burnett07/08/2013
2011cr289U.S.A. v. Hicks10/27/2011
2011cr289U.S.A. v. Hicks02/20/2014
2011cr325U.S.A. v. Hampton02/08/2012
2011cr326U.S.A. v. Hucks02/20/2013
2011cr328U.S.A. v. Perez07/11/2011
2011cr329U.S.A. v. Rosati11/16/2011
2011cr337U.S.A. v. Lunas06/05/2013
2011cr344U.S.A. v. Rice11/28/2011
2011cr344U.S.A. v. Rice06/02/2014
2011cr393U.S.A. v. Zamichieli12/09/2011
2011cr427U.S.A. v. Jones12/21/2011
2011cr434U.S.A. v. Werther09/23/2013
2011cr440U.S.A. v. Meehan05/03/2013
2011cr455U.S.A. v. Ballard01/05/2012
2011cr455U.S.A. v. Ballard01/10/2012
2011cr464U.S.A. v. Kolodesh04/05/2012
2011cr464U.S.A. v. Kolodesh05/12/2014
2011cr465U.S.A. v. Frisby07/10/2012
2011cr474U.S.A. v. Jacobs08/29/2013
2011cr480U.S.A. v. Garvin05/31/2012
2011cr486U.S.A. v. Williams01/12/2012
2011cr490U.S.A. v. Martinez10/07/2013
2011cr533U.S.A. v. Ashurov05/16/2012
2011cr564U.S.A. v. Frisby10/13/2011
2011cr568U.S.A. v. McKinney10/06/2011
2011cr573U.S.A. v. Duris08/01/2012
2011cr580U.S.A. v. Swan08/01/2012
2011cr582U.S.A. v. Patterson08/01/2012
2011cr583U.S.A. v. Phillip08/01/2012
2011cr630U.S.A. v. Price01/05/2012
2011cr649U.S.A. v. Odom05/09/2012
2011cr698U.S.A. v. Wordsley04/02/2014
2011cr706U.S.A. v. Haines05/18/2012
2011cr764U.S.A. v. Sanchez07/10/2012
2011cr913U.S.A. v. James04/13/2011
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