Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
2010 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
2010cr029U.S.A. v. Schneider09/17/2010
2010cr029U.S.A. v. Schneider09/21/2011
2010cr029U.S.A. v. Schneider02/15/2013
2010cr037U.S.A. v. Shelow12/09/2011
2010cr045U.S.A. v. Gassew08/21/2014
2010cr065U.S. v. Alvin, Duffy07/01/2014
2010cr084U.S.A. v. Frisby04/20/2011
2010cr091U.S.A. v. Cherry08/10/2010
2010cr095U.S.A. v. Rippy07/27/2011
2010cr121U.S. v. McKnight09/10/2010
2010cr130U.S.A. v. Rivera07/22/2010
2010cr131U.S.A. v. Benjamin07/26/2010
2010cr131U.S.A. v. Benjamin07/05/2011
2010cr145U.S.A. v. Edwards03/08/2011
2010cr146U.S.A. v. Mitchell05/06/2011
2010cr146U.S.A. v. Mitchell (1)05/26/2011
2010cr146U.S.A. v. Mitchell (2)05/26/2011
2010cr159U.S.A. v. Botsvynyuk07/16/2012
2010cr164U.S.A. v. Bey12/31/2014
2010cr170U.S.A. v. Camacho12/06/2010
2010cr186U.S.A. v. Russell04/28/2011
2010cr186U.S.A. v. Russell09/27/2011
2010cr199U.S.A. v. Young05/05/2011
2010cr219U.S.A. v. McNamara-Harvey10/05/2010
2010cr220U.S.A. v. Pace02/08/2011
2010cr233U.S.A. v. Dennis12/08/2011
2010cr279U.S.A. v. Miles07/29/2010
2010cr307U.S.A. v. Jones01/11/2012
2010cr307U.S.A. v. Jones05/30/2012
2010cr321U.S.A. v. Gomez09/05/2012
2010cr339U.S.A. v. Baird11/19/2014
2010cr347U.S.A. v. Glasglow12/01/2010
2010cr352U.S.A. v. Corbin05/26/2011
2010cr352U.S.A. v. Corbin10/25/2011
2010cr400U.S.A. v. Jones05/11/2011
2010cr406U.S.A. v. Rauso03/01/2012
2010cr427U.S.A. v. Snyder07/20/2010
2010cr427U.S.A. v. Branker10/14/2010
2010cr427USA v. Young02/04/2011
2010cr427U.S.A. v. Young02/18/2011
2010cr427U.S.A. v. Williams07/05/2011
2010cr427U.S.A. v. Snyder08/07/2012
2010cr428U.S.A. v. Wong Gonzales08/12/2011
2010cr441U.S.A. v. Greenwood02/02/2011
2010cr449U.S.A. v. Douglas03/07/2012
2010cr449U.S.A. v. Douglas12/11/2014
2010cr474U.S.A. v. Colen11/01/2010
2010cr478U.S.A. v. Creamer08/24/2012
2010cr489U.S.A. v. Smith11/03/2011
2010cr524U.S.A. v. McNish03/25/2011
2010cr534U.S.A. v. Twiggs02/16/2011
2010cr556U.S.A. v. Colon 04/7/2011
2010cr606U.S.A. v. Geller02/06/2012
2010cr616U.S.A. v. Wolfe12/21/2010
2010cr616U.S.A. v. Wolfe01/03/2011
2010cr634U.S.A. v. Hernandez-Perez05/23/2011
2010cr657USA v. Choi05/13/2011
2010cr663U.S.A. v. Crews01/12/2012
2010cr663U.S.A. v. Crews08/14/2012
2010cr663U.S.A. v. McFadden07/31/2014
2010cr664U.S.A. v. Joseph11/03/2011
2010cr676U.S.A. v. Lopez10/16/2012
2010cr677USA v. Scott04/15/2011
2010cr703U.S.A. v. Pitts10/31/2011
2010cr703U.S.A. v. Juror #112/21/2011
2010cr711U.S.A. v. Greer08/17/2011
2010cr751U.S.A. v. Frierson08/30/2011
2010cr751U.S.A. v. Frierson02/29/2012
2010cr757U.S.A. v. Robertson08/08/2013
2010cr763U.S.A. v. Dono03/16/2011
2010cr770U.S.A. v. Styles07/23/2013
2010cr776U.S.A. v. Barry12/05/2011
2010cr776U.S.A. v. Barry01/25/2012
2010cr783U.S.A. v. Thomas04/05/2013
2010cr790U.S.A v. Demarco11/07/2012
2010cr790U.S.A. v. DeMarco02/07/2013
2010cr790U.S.A. v. DeMarco05/02/2013
2010cr797U.S.A. v. Reidenbach08/24/2012
2010cr798U.S.A. v. Ransom10/29/2013
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton06/05/2012
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton06/08/2012
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton06/12/2012
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton06/14/2012
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton06/18/2012
2010cr800U.S.A. v. Staton10/31/2013
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