Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
1998 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
1998cr013U.S.A. v. Kelly
1998cr013U.S.A. v. Kelly
1998cr013U.S.A. v. Kelly
1998cr013U.S.A. v. Kelly04/27/2001
1998cr026Breazeale v. U.S.A.04/21/2005
1998cr028U.S.A. v. Yeung04/28/1999
1998cr028U.S.A. v. Yeung11/14/2001
1998cr040U.S.A. v. Holmes
1988cr047U.S.A. v. Whyte03/11/2002
1998cr057U.S.A. v. Borelli07/05/2001
1998cr080U.S.A. v. Harris04/08/2008
1998cr084U.S.A. v. Sharpe02/01/2008
1998cr091U.S.A. v. Allen09/24/2001
1998cr093U.S.A. v. Gibson
1998cr113U.S.A. v. Mazza12/22/1999
1998cr113U.S.A. v. Mazza02/05/2002
1998cr120U.S.A. v. Ruiz
1998cr127U.S.A. v. Foster08/12/1999
1998cr128U.S.A. v. Santiago04/30/2001
1998cr131U.S.A. v. Ritter04/12/2002
1998cr131Beto v. U.S.A.06/26/2002
1998cr133U.S.A. v. Morris02/13/2002
1998cr133U.S.A. v. Morris04/05/2002
1998cr178U.S.A. v. Martin02/25/2000
1998cr178U.S.A. v. Martin05/07/2001
1998cr178U.S.A. v. Martin05/17/2005
1998cr178U.S.A. v. Martin07/30/2012
1998cr201U.S.A. v. Maack
1998cr201U.S.A. v. Maack07/19/1999
1998cr203U.S.A. v. Irrizari07/16/2001
1998cr206Lawton v. U.S.A.01/14/2002
1998cr224U.S.A. v. Sanchez03/21/2002
1998cr224U.S.A. v. Sanchez07/01/2002
1998cr228U.S.A. v. Dixon
1998cr233U.S.A. v. Fahey06/13/2002
1998cr242U.S.A. v. Antico11/16/2000
1998cr242U.S.A. v. Antico12/11/2000
1998cr242U.S.A. v. Antico08/04/2008
1998cr242U.S.A. v. Antico09/08/2008
1998cr263U.S.A. v. Galiczynski03/29/1999
1998cr263Galiczynski v. USA03/09/2007
1998cr267U.S.A. v. Bulei
1998cr301U.S.A. v. Reyes01/04/2007
1998cr308U.S.A. v. Mack
1998cr308U.S.A. v. Mack04/18/2002
1998cr310U.S.A. v. Mora03/27/2002
1998cr334U.S.A. v. Pacheco09/17/1999
1998cr334U.S.A. v. Roman03/02/2001
1998cr334U.S.A. v. Brown08/25/2006
1998cr334U.S.A. v. Rosario09/24/2009
1998cr338U.S.A. v. Grana09/17/2002
1998cr341U.S.A. v. Winter
1998cr343U.S.A. v. Rosato
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Llera Plaza01/07/2002
1998cr362U.S.A. v. LLera Plaza03/13/2002
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez07/23/2008
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez03/10/2010
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez12/13/2010
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez04/6/2011
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez08/18/2011
1998cr362U.S.A. v. Rodriguez01/18/2012
1998cr371U.S.A. v. Ortiz
1998cr379U.S.A. v. Arden03/06/2009
1998cr379USA v. Arden07/07/2009
1998cr393Rodriguez v. U.S.A.11/08/2001
1998cr393U.S.A. v. Hall05/11/2005
1998cr393U.S.A. v. Hall05/17/2005
1998cr393U.S.A. v. Hall05/11/2005
1998cr393U.S.A. v. Hall05/17/2005
1998cr401U.S.A. v. Falu
1998cr405U.S.A. v. Bonney05/16/2001
1998cr412Blount v. U.S.A.07/05/2012
1998cr432U.S.A. v. Reyes07/02/2001
1998cr449U.S.A. v. Garcia03/23/2001
1998cr450U.S.A. v. Caden12/13/2007
1998cr455U.S.A. v. Mustafa06/20/2002
1998cr468U.S.A. v. Giovinetti04/04/2000
1998cr472U.S.A. v. Lange04/14/1999
1998cr482U.S.A. v. Allen07/12/2001
1998cr494U.S.A. v. Bravo07/28/1999
1998cr495U.S.A. v. Mathis06/29/2005
1998cr495U.S.A. v. Mathis03/19/2008
1998cr501U.S.A. v. Cruz10/15/2009
1998cr509U.S.A. v. Bell03/15/2002
1998cr513U.S.A. v. Defelice
1998cr541U.S.A. v. Kane03/24/2000
1998cr545U.S.A. v. McLaughlin06/18/1999
1998cr545U.S.A. v. McLaughlin04/12/2000
1998cr550U.S.A. v. Trinh04/12/2001
1998cr550U.S.A. v. Kin Yan Tam12/02/2004
1998cr550U.S.A. v. Tam03/01/2005
1998cr550U.S.A. v. Tam05/03/2005
1998cr550U.S.A. v. Man10/05/2005
1998cr560U.S.A. v. Evans06/27/2002
1998cr562U.S.A. v. D'Amelio
1998cr562U.S.A. v. D'Amelio03/26/1999
1998cr562U.S.A. v. D'Amelio05/24/2002
1998cr572U.S.A. v. Bogue
1998cr581U.S.A. v. Principale
1998cr587U.S.A. v. Colon04/14/2000
1998cr591U.S.A. v. Barrios-Luviano08/30/2000
1998cr599U.S.A. v. Brown10/21/1999
1998cr602U.S.A. v. Quirindongo07/18/2002
1998cr631U.S.A. v. Immendorf09/13/2002
1998cr642U.S.A. v. Friday08/30/2000
1998cr642U.S.A. v. Friday10/26/2000
1998cr643U.S.A. v. Moldonado04/13/2001
1998cr649Leftwich v. U.S.A.11/12/2002
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