Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
1997 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
1997cr014U.S.A. v. Kulp
1997cr014U.S.A. v. Regan
1997cr021U.S.A. v. Hart
1997cr021U.S.A. v. Hart
1997cr021U.S.A. v. Hart
1997cr021U.S.A. v. Hart02/26/2002
1997cr022U.S.A. v. Hudson03/08/2001
1997cr026U.S.A. V. Rivera03/04/2008
1997cr030U.S.A. v. Valentin
1997cr034U.S.A. v. Shoemaker
1997cr044U.S.A. v. French
1997cr067U.S.A. v. Leach11/07/2005
1997cr078U.S.A. v. Martinez-Luna10/20/2006
1997cr082U.S.A. v. Breuer
1997cr082U.S.A. v. Breuer06/03/1997
1997cr096U.S.A. v. Zimmerman02/08/2001
1997cr104U.S.A. v. Davis04/25/2005
1997cr105U.S.A. v. Montefiore
1997cr105U.S.A. v. Gallo
1997cr112U.S.A. v. Robinson
1997cr117U.S.A. v. Edwards09/07/2000
1997cr139U.S.A. v. Stewart07/17/2000
1997cr160U.S.A. v. Brown
1997cr175U.S.A. v. Dominguez
1997cr190U.S.A. v. Medina07/30/2001
1997cr201U.S.A. v. Fuentes
1997cr203U.S.A. v. McIntosh03/07/2007
1997cr203U.S.A. v. McIntosh10/27/2008
1997cr214U.S.A. v. Napier
1997cr214U.S.A. v. Napier
1997cr214U.S.A. v. Napier
1997cr250U.S.A. v. Bockius08/09/2001
1997cr263U.S.A. v. Langston06/28/2000
1997cr267U.S.A. v. Lowery12/17/2008
1997cr274U.S.A. v. Leeper04/07/1999
1997cr279U.S.A. v. Scavetti
1997cr293U.S.A. v. Mortimer05/20/1999
1997cr293U.S.A. v. Mortimer07/15/1999
1997cr294U.S.A. v. Rishell12/21/2001
1997cr296U.S.A. v. Hauki
1997cr323U.S.A. v. Hsu
1997cr323U.S.A. v. Hsu
1997cr323U.S.A. v. Kailo HSU
1997cr343U.S.A. v. Saleh
1997cr383U.S.A. v. Polidoro
1997cr383U.S.A. v. Davis
1997cr395U.S.A. v. Hernandez
1997cr404U.S.A. v. Albert
1997cr404U.S.A. v. Albert
1997cr404U.S.A. v. Albert06/27/2007
1997cr423U.S.A. v. Abreu09/06/2002
1997cr425U.S.A. v. Rivera
1997cr453U.S.A. v. Rafeh08/01/2003
1997cr461U.S.A. v. Squire10/24/2008
1997cr481U.S.A. v. Palmer-Mendoza
1997cr487U.S.A. v. Allen
1997cr590U.S.A. v. Zats10/26/2001
1997cr591U.S.A. v. Sanders
1997cr593U.S.A. v. Terry
1997cr611U.S.A. v. Lopez
1997cr612U.S.A. v. Pileggi
1997cr615U.S.A. v. Mines05/16/2002
1997cr625U.S.A. v. Stevens09/20/2002
1997cr664U.S.A. v. Hancock05/05/2000
1997cr669U.S.A. v. Clark09/08/2005
1997cr672U.S.A. v. Khan12/06/1999
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