Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
1994 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
1994cr032U.S.A. v. Knight03/20/2008
1994cr048U.S.A. v. Edwards12/05/2007
1994cr048U.S.A. v. Edwards02/21/2008
1994cr111U.S.A. v. Morris08/16/2001
1994cr118U.S.A. v. Mazzotta10/26/2006
1994cr127U.S.A. v. Sparacio01/23/2001
1994cr145U.S.A. v. Boggi
1994cr173U.S.A. v. Hatcher
1994cr173U.S.A. v. Hatcher12/02/1999
1994cr184U.S.A. v. Lopez11/30/2000
1994cr189U.S.A. v. Angel
1994cr189U.S.A. v. Angel10/08/1999
1994cr192U.S.A. v. Rodriguez03/29/2001
1994cr192U.S.A. v. Perez07/31/2001
1994cr192U.S.A. v. Perez08/28/2002
1994cr192U.S.A. v. Perez03/28/2006
1994cr196U.S.A. v. Jackson
1994cr218U.S.A. v. Fonseca
1994cr251U.S.A. v. Maldanado
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint07/17/2000
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint10/26/2005
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint (1)06/23/2006
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint (2)06/23/2006
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint02/27/2007
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint02/05/2008
1994cr276U.S.A. v. Swint08/11/2008
1994cr296U.S.A. v. Ayala04/12/2011
1994cr310U.S.A. v. Caldwell04/30/2001
1994cr323U.S.A. v. Julbe05/03/2000
1994cr356U.S.A. v. McQuilkin08/24/2000
1994cr343U.S.A. v. Withers
1994cr356U.S.A. v. McQuilkin03/03/2010
1994cr356U.S.A. v. McQuilkin05/11/2011
1994cr356U.S.A. v. McQuiklin07/12/2011
1994cr364U.S.A. v. Cruz
1994cr378U.S.A. v. Cornish
1994cr396U.S.A. v. White
1994cr402U.S.A. v. McArthur03/19/2003
1994cr458U.S.A. v. Branham12/21/2011
1994cr462U.S.A. v. Williams09/18/2000
1994cr462Williams v. U.S.A.05/21/2002
1994cr462U.S.A. v. Williams03/10/2009
1994cr467U.S.A. v. McNeal11/23/1999
1994cr484U.S.A. v. Richardson02/17/2000
1994cr488U.S.A. v. Walker04/21/2010
1994cr488U.S.A. v. Way06/24/2010
1994cr488Way v. U.S.A.09/03/2010
1994cr534U.S.A. v. Trader06/11/2002
1994cr534U.S.A. v. Trader11/30/2005
1994cr534U.S.A. v. Trader07/18/2006
1994cr534U.S.A. v. Trader08/24/2007
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