Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
1992 Criminal Opinions
Case No. Description Date Filed Download
1992cr002U.S.A. v. Prevard05/06/1999
1992cr027U.S.A. v. O'Bryan12/12/2000
1992cr035U.S.A. v. Simone
1992cr055U.S.A. v. Gonzalez-Rivera05/18/2012
1992cr055U.S.A. v. Gonzalez-Rivera02/12/2013
1992cr064U.S.A. v. Brown
1992cr086U.S.A. v. Lampkin05/17/1999
1992cr086U.S.A. v. Lampkin09/15/1999
1992cr089U.S.A. v. Watts
1992cr089U.S.A. v. Watts07/13/1999
1992cr119U.S.A. v. Terry03/20/2014
1992cr123U.S.A. v. Donahue05/01/2001
1992cr133Fugarino v. U.S.A.
1992cr133Gatto v. U.S.A.
1992cr133Gatto v. U.S.A.
1992cr133Pirollo v. U.S.A.
1992cr133U.S.A. v. Gatto
1992cr223U.S.A. v. Dent
1992cr223U.S.A. v. Dent
1992cr223U.S.A. v. Dent12/27/2004
1992cr248U.S.A. v. Delgado10/24/2005
1992cr256U.S.A. v. Polanco06/20/1997
1992cr256U.S.A. v. Polanco08/07/2000
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe06/07/2001
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe06/21/2001
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe07/30/2002
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe01/14/2003
1992cr257U.S.A. v. Enigwe04/18/2005
1992cr268U.S.A. v. Burke11/23/1999
1992cr268U.S.A. v. Burke10/28/2005
1992cr268U.S.A. v. Burke04/02/2008
1992cr268U.S.A. v. Burke07/21/2014
1992cr268U.S.A. v. Burke08/26/2014
1992cr288U.S.A. v. Askari09/17/2001
1992cr339U.S.A. v. Crespo01/11/2002
1992cr339U.S.A. v. Crespo01/11/2002
1992cr403U.S.A. v. Thompson05/17/2001
1992cr448U.S.A. v. Bandy10/19/2000
1992cr448U.S.A. v. Bandy09/25/2007
1992cr455U.S.A. v. Garrison10/13/2005
1992cr461U.S.A. v. Sordo-Ramos
1992cr484U.S.A. v. Hartley
1992cr498U.S.A. v. Amerman10/20/1997
1992cr538U.S.A. v. Black
1992cr540U.S.A. v. Valentin
1992cr540U.S.A. v. Figueroa
1992cr543U.S.A. v. Harriso05/07/2003
1992cr547U.S.A. v. Salemo05/18/2006
1992cr583Collison v. U.S.A.
1992cr590U.S.A. v. Ramsey12/09/1999
1992cr590U.S.A. v. Shelton04/21/2006
1992cr590U.S.A. v. Shelton07/12/2013
1992cr649U.S.A. v. Green04/05/2001
1992cr653U.S.A. v. Cudemo02/22/2008
1992cr672Shaw v. USA07/09/2009
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