Office of the Clerk of Court
Michael E. Kunz, Clerk of Court
Clerk's Office Procedural Handbook
The Procedural Handbook of the the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Office of the Clerk of Court, contains information on: filing civil actions/documents, general motion practice & pretrial procedures, fees, judicial chambers, forms (appendices), clerk's office directory, appeals, bill of costs, & after hours filing.

The current Procedural Handbook is available below, including appendices. Please see the Civil Justice Expense and Delay Reduction Plan for information referenced on the Civil Case Management Track Designation Form (Appendix I) as being on the reverse side of the form. For information regarding subpoena forms, please see the FAQs.

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Clerk's Office Procedural Handbook (January 2014)
Appendix A ECF Procedures
Appendix B PDF File Information
Appendix C Validation of Signature Form, Local Rule 5.1.2
Appendix D ECF Registration and Notification Forms
Appendix E ECF Training Application Form
Appendix F Designation Form
Appendix F Designation Form (WordPerfect)
Appendix G Disclosure Statement Form
Appendix H Civil Cover Sheet
Appendix H Civil Cover Sheet (Word)
Appendix I Civil Case Management Track Designation Form
Appendix I Civil Case Management Track Designation Form (WordPerfect)
Appendix J Modification or Redaction of Personal Identifiers, Local Rule 5.1.3
Appendix K Consent to Facsimile Transmission of Notices of Orders
Facsimile Transmission Authorization
Appendix L Mail Information Form
Mail Sent to Counsel
Appendix M Judges' Room Numbers and Zip Code + 4-Digit Extension Numbers
Mail Sent to the Court
Appendix N Summons in a Civil Action, Proof of Service
Appendix O Writ of Execution
Appendix P Appellate Transcript Purchase Order
Appendix Q Consent and Reference of a Civil Action to a Magistrate Judge
Procedure to Consent to Reference of Civil Action or Proceeding to Magistrate Judge
Appendix R Bill of Costs
Appendix R Bill of Costs (WordPerfect)
Appendix S Special Listing Agreement
Appendix T Busy Slip
Appendix U Standing Order Re: Sentencing Reform Act of 1984
Appendix V Credit Card Collection Network Procedures
Credit Card Collection Network Authorization Form
Appendix W Bail Bond Secured by Property or Real Estate Bond
Appendix X                              Attorney Admissions Application (Pro Hac Vice)
Appendix X Attorney Admissions Application (Pro Hac Vice; WordPerfect)
Appendix Y Transcript Order Form
Appendix Z CD/Tape Order Form
Appendix AA Order, In Re: Amendment to Local Civil Rule 5.1.2, Electronic Case Filing ("ECF") Procedures
Appendix AA Notice of Electronic Availability of Transcripts in Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) and Transcript Redaction
Appendix BB Notice concerning Digital Audio File Electronic Access Pilot Program
Appendix CC PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Registration Form
Appendix DD Directory of Court-Automated Services
Appendix EE ECF Electronic Filing of Complaints Information Form
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