Attorney Information

Attorney Admission Schedule

The next attorney admission ceremony to be held at the Eastern District will occur on the date and time shown below. Please revisit this webpage for any last minute changes in the schedule. The applicant and sponsor should report to the Clerk's Office, Room 2609 (second floor), in Philadelphia thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled admission time.

Admission Date Admission Time Admission Location
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 10:00 AM Philadelphia, PA


Attorney Admissions Application

The Attorney Admissions Application is available here. Please bring the form with you, with applicant's information completed, on the scheduled attorney admission ceremony date. The form is also available at the front counter of the Office of the Clerk of Court.


Attorney Admission Information

For information concerning attorney admission, please see the FAQs.

Any questions should be directed to the Attorney Admissions Clerk at (267) 299-7099.

For attorneys applying for admission, it is recommended that you also apply for an Electronic Case Filing (ECF) account. Complete the ECF Registration/Notification Form and return it to the Clerk’s Office, Room 2609, along with your completed Attorney Admissions Application after you are sworn in.

If you need information regarding CM/ECF, please follow this link or call the CM/ECF helpdesk at 1-866-ECF-4ECF (1-866-323-4323).


Third Circuit Model Jury Instructions


Volunteer Attorney Panel Information

For information concerning the Eastern District's Volunteer Attorney Panel program, please contact:

Miriam P. Silberstein, Pro Se Law Clerk

Telephone: (267) 299-7033
Volunteer Attorney Panels of the Eastern District
Prisoner Civil Rights Panel Program Description
Plaintiffs' Employment Panel Program Description
Plaintiffs' Social Security Appeals Panel Program Description
Agreement for Social Security Appeals Panel Attorneys Form