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Date Notice Title or Topic  
10/20/2017 Notice regarding Proposed Amendments to the Local Rules and Forms of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (Please also see the Local Bankruptcy Rules.)
08/14/2017 Notice regarding Arbitration Payment (Please also see Form AO 213.)
08/02/2017 Press Release: Judge Lawrence F. Stengel Becomes Chief Judge of the Eastern District
04/20/2017 Solicitation for Court Reporting Services Blanket Purchase Agreement
06/20/2016 Notice concerning Maximum Transcript Rates
04/01/2012 Electronic Public Access Fee Increase Effective April 1, 2012  
03/01/2009 PCC OTC Program
01/22/2009 All Counsel with MDL 875 Claims Originally Filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
09/01/2007 Electronic Availability of Transcripts in Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) and Transcript Redaction
07/09/2007 Criminal Cases Protocol
05/01/2003 Cell Phones
05/01/2002 CM/ECF Participation Information
- Procedure to Consent to Reference of Civil Action or Proceeding to Magistrate Judge
- RECAP Software Usage
- Digital Audio File Electronic Access Pilot Program
- ECF Training Application Form
- ECF Electronic Filing of Complaints Information Form
- Judicial Outreach Program
- Transcript Request Information
- Consent to Facsimile Transmission of Notices of Orders
- Required Check Conversion Disclosure
- In Re: Breast Implant Cases